Certainties Divide People, Diversity Unites Them

The Land Beyond is about a creative idea, land, time, kairos, a spirit, an attitude. It means the land beyond the mountains (the Zagori mountains) in Epirus, a land of generosity, exaltation, inspiration, learning. “Beyond” (epekeina, επέκεινα) is the prerequisite or even the unknown, something broader than knowledge or experience, that we are always about to conquer. Certainties divide people, diversity unites them.

We are interested in (1) liberty, (2) sharing, (3) one world. Ecumenical values, mutual understanding, pluralism, liberties, participation, conflict prevention and resolution, federalism, open society, volunteering, peace, biodiversity. Think more, live more, try more.

Vitsa is a traditional settlement with historical, architectural, cultural and ecological interest, written in stone, one of the most unique villages of Zagori (46 villages in total), national park globally virgin. From Vitsa sets off the stone path, “The Vitsa stairs”, leading to the stone double - arched bridge of Missios in the Voidomatis river and to other Zagori villages and the eternal forests of Zagori, the land beyond.

Human resources

Certainties Divide People, Diversity Unites Them
Nikos Giannis

Founder of the land beyond. PhD in European studies. He has allocated family property in Vitsa, Zagori and other resources to attain the objectives of the land beyond. He is the manager and coordinator of the project and its actions. He built and manages the international workshops and conferences, the Vikos Crossing, Vikos Paths and Tymfi Hiking, he is responsible for the administration, the promotion and finances. He communicates in French, English and Spanish. Believes, study and works for liberty, volunteering and civil society, European unity and global governance and overall he is on the go.

Panayota Balopoulou

Co-founder and partner at the land beyond project. Has studied Political Sciences and Litterature, deals with social media. Advisor on management, communication and activities programs. Logistics support in activities, mainly on cultural projects. Panayota launched and runs the Art & Litterature in the Land beyond, as well as activities on well being and education. Fluent at English, French, Spanish, she can also communicate in Dutch and German. Believes in voluntarism, liberty and self-responsibility, life-long learning and more (and digital)Europe.

Katerina Androna

  Katerina is responsible for the Athens office. She studied at Panteion University, Social Policy and Social Anthropology and Msc in the Greek Open University, Management of Cultural Units. She is responsible for internal procedures and some operational activities, implements communication with community members and partners, as well as for the filing and accounts. Katerina is consultant of organization development and participates in the preparation of programs application. She communicates in English. Believes in volunteering and the values of civil society, following the principles of the organizational consistency and project reliability.   Katerina Androna

Maria Vasdeki

Maria is the local associate of the land beyond. She studied Geography. She is responsible for the infrastructure and supply. She is hosting visitors in the land beyond and facilitates activities, such as walking, hiking and guiding. Maria plans and elaborates training seminars, in the field of well-being, tradition and art. She communicates in English. Believes to the sustainable development of the region, the participation and awareness of the local community, while respecting individual liberties.
Maria Vasdeki