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TC – Find your balance in nature – The Land Beyond, 20 – 28 April 2017

This seminar is a part of the Erasmus Plus project, with a purpose of gathering young people from all over Europe in civil/athletic/educating seminars.

The 10 day programme starts with the arrival of the participants and the first informal acquaintances, in the evening of Wednesday the 19th of April. The next morning, the first group meeting happens in the room ‘Two Sisterns’ of the campus The Land Beyond, with getting to know each other games etc. After a break for lunch in En Hora Vezitsa, the place where the group slept and ate for the duration of the programme, our trainer Panos Almanlis explains to the group what Parkour really is. The participants get to express their own opinion and a very interesting discussion occurs, around the topic of where parkour stands in the world of sports.

The days that followed, the first parkour training sessions took place, in the open environment of Vitsa, with the purpose of teaching to the participants the very basic moves and techniques, since most of the people in this programme are still amateurs.

On Sunday, the 23d of April, the team crosses the Vikos Gorge and dives into the river Voidomatis, where the water was below 8 celcius. That night we were all awarded for our efforts with a delicious dinner in the restaurant ‘Kanella and Garyfallo’ in Vitsa.

The next day the team was trained in how film is made, and then the participants were split into teams with the task of creating their own short length films, the topic of course being parkour.

The next days and until the end of the seminar, some more training sessions take place, and apart from that the different participants get to present the organization of their country that sent them here. After that, the participants are again split into groups with the task of creating projects that could be applied to this transnational European platform.

On Friday, the 28th of April, an evaluation of the seminar takes place from the whole team, and then the time of going away comes. This is a really hard time for everyone due to the bonds that have been created between the members of the programme.

It is important here to point out the great importance of these Erasmus Plus programmes, which have as a base the equality through diversity, with participants from different backgrounds interacting with each other and sharing knowledge and experiences. One could say that such programmes reflect the whole idea of a United Europe and of the European Union, which functions better when the people that are in it learn how to destroy the borders that are keeping them apart from each other and learn to stand on common ground.

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