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#natural_distancing in the mountain

A unique answer for a unique moment

The moments we are living through are difficult and surely very unique. We, in the land beyond have decided to open our door to all of you who are tired, want to maintain your optimism, and want to breath in some fresh air. Warm human interactions in an environment built for social distancing that nature itself has to offer. In the Fidous Library, in the beautiful terrace that overlooks the mountains of Tymfi, in the warm living room of 2 Sternes where we light up the fire and watch movies or up in the theatre where the sun always finds a way to warm us up.


During the months of November and December, between Monday-Friday (except 18.12.-10.1.2021).

How much?

10€ per day/ per person, 7€ for kids.


  • 1.5 metres distance from each other. Disinfectants and masks in every room and every common space.

  • Internet everywhere for teleworking and e-learning.

Due to the circumstances, restaurants have closed down in the region of Ioannina (including Zagori), yet there is the possibility of take away and delivery options (after communicating with some local restaurants) OR/AND for orders above 30 euro, you can get food (pizza, pasta, salads etc.) from Pizza Bar in Ioannina (this is an exclusive deal). And of course, the kitchen in the land beyond is fully equipped for cooking. There is coffee, tea, oil, salt, sugar etc. anything extra you can bring yourself. We are also excited to share with you our cranberry liqueur that we made this summer-autumn.

Please note: It would be best to contact us at least 1 week in advance so that we are able to ensure your accommodation.

Noble purpose

All profits are going straight to the development and growth of the land beyond (

The specific proposal is not an invitation for any of the activities that the land beyond is usually hosting so there will be no day to day schedule. Even so, we will be hosting cinema nights with a list of chosen movies (if you have a preference, please feel free to let us know) and we would also like to offer voluntary guidance for smaller or bigger hiking routes on demand. Then again, if you feel restless and you want to do some voluntary work yourselves, there is always something you can do.

Join us in the land beyond to share with us unique moments, to see how we can be spending our lives in the mountains, more permanently and ever so frequently. Think more, try more, live more!

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