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The world is singular: the corona virus awakening

There are 7.5 billion people living on planet earth and we are facing a major health problem which threatens our lives and which concerns all of us. That is the definition of a pandemic. The propensity to spiral into inertia and the dysphoria to change and adapt in the new conditions of living, the convenience of inaction – even though the situation is drifting into a non-sustainable direction – has handcuffed the government to act in favour of their short political gain leaving the future at the hands of fate.

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Landbeyond_corona: Physical exercise and the immune system.

When the wind blows, some people build forts and some other people build windmills. We start by walking. Just walking. The corona virus or any virus does not affect only the elderly. It affects everyone who has a weak immune system, irrespective of age. Prevention is the best we can do but we often come to this realisation only afterwards. In Greek we say, «στερνή μου γνώση να σ’ είχα πρώτη», meaning “if only I had thought of this earlier.” Living a healthy life is even better and beyond the zero financial cost that it comes with, it contributes to our well-being. How can we achieve that?

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Words cannot explain how happy I feel in this place and I really can’t wait to be back. Best wishes from Latvia.