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We started off at 10.30 am from Papigko village, eleven persons. We began climbing up to Astraka refuge making three short stops, ten minutes each, at the three mountain founts. After the second fount, we went more and more snowy soil, which made our steps more difficult.

The third Tymphi Hiking organized by Land Beyond was the most demanding one. It took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 12th and 13th of August 2014. Twenty nine people took part. On Tuesday morning the team enjoyed a relaxing rafting experience in Voidomatis and lunch at “Astra” in Papigko.

During the project of the 7th Vikos crossing, some twenty participants managed to realize the second Tymphi hiking in the history of Land beyond: departed from Papigko village, up to the Astraka refuge, where the team spent the night, and on the next morning climbing up to Drakolimni!

The first Tymphi hiking of the land beyond took place on Tuesday the 12th of August 2012. Eight-year-old Damianos, Mando, Kimon, Romanos, Tasos and Nikos went off at 06.00am from the small Papigko village and at 08.30 reached Astraka refuge having stopped three times for a little while in the locations of mountain shepards of Ipirus