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The topic of this year’s meeting was a holistic approach to waste management in view of the climate change. On Monday 12th of August, the Land Beyond was pleased to host:

Vikos crossing has become an institution at the land beyond. This year took place from 9 till 16 of August under the theme of Bridges. 

This year an unexpected topic, much like the unexpected beauty of Zagorochoria and Vikos gorge, has fascinated us in the land beyond: the Mediterannean of the mountains, less known but not least important.

Land Beyond is happy to announce the completion of one more Vikos Crossing in August 2016; a rich schedule full of activities based on Water kept every one of the sixty participants busy and happy in the magnificent Zagori surroundings and mountain paths.

For the sixth year to go already, the cosmopolitan peripatetic meeting '12th Vikos crossing: Well Being in Peace - Merry Yoga' was held from Saturday the 8th till Thursday the 13th of August 2015. Fifty two people took part in the activity, twenty seven of them in Vikos crossing

On Thursday, the 30th of July 2015, after having finished the seminar part of the international gathering “Global Land Paths, Global Citizen Education for Sustainable Development", the participants enjoyed the unique experience of crossing Vikos gorge, from Monodendri to Vitsiko. At the end the most audacious jumped into Voidomatis springs. We returned to Vitsa by bus, there everyone took his/her Crossing Award.

A camp activity was for the first time held in Land Beyond – Starry Land from Thursday 21st of August till Sunday the 24th of August. “Charoumeno Chorio”, a camp based at Varympopi Attikis, held a four day cultural and environmental journey to Vitsa for the younger team leaders who are constantly being trained and who animate the camp programs.

From Saturday the 9th till Wednesday the 13rd of August 2014 the annual peripatetic meeting «9th Vikos crossing, Astraka refuge, Drakolimni, Avgerinos – The notion of time» took place for the fifth consequent time. Sixty five people participated in the activities, twenty five in Vikos crossing and twenty nine in Tymphi hiking - Drakolimni – Avgerinos after having spent the night at Astraka refuge (2000m high).