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The second Winter Peripatetic Encounters at the Land Beyond came to an end; on the 2nd of January 2018 the 35 participants left having contributed to the change each one wants to become. Moved by the motto: Change, Walking, Knowledge, Creativity and Freedom, we have all endorsed our New Year’s Resolutions.

Every year the season for making tsipouro (local spirit) in the village is a festive one.  A great celebration has been organized by the local youth club in Vitsa, central Zagori.

During the Holy Week, the land beyond welcomed fifteen people in an activity with a walking, educating and celebrating character.

Mrs Dioni Vardaka, Chairperson of the Not-for-profit organization “Panos&Cressida4Life”, first came to epekeina hora (the land beyond) during two separate activities in 2016. Since then the board and the members set a goal which they achieved working hard, efficiently and discreetly.

During the Greek national Holiday of 25th March some forty people gathered at the land beyond, adults and children, taking part in an activity full of moving, walking and talking, and community bonding.

Five, four, three, two, one! Happy New Year! We welcomed the New Year in Land Beyond, fourty five people adults and children, laughing, kissing and wishing each other a better, more peaceful and happy New Year! We all took part in the first Winter Peripatetic Encounters.

"ZAGORI: THE LAND BEYOND. Last time I was up here was back in 2009, and today I have the opportunity to live the experience again with such a fine weather, it is merely paradise! a whole world hidden inside the lap of mountains, a world of aesthetic and natural loneliness and uniqueness

Going down from Vitsiko to Voidomatis springs and then by crossing the whole Vikos gorge to reach Koukouli going further up Monodendri and Vitsa stairs, is estimated to 20 km. From Sunday 26 till Tuesday 28 October 2014 Vikos Paths took place - the theme of the gathering was subsidiarity on the occasion of the publication of Nicos Yannis book "The principle of subsidiarity, principle of freedom, participation and responsibility", a copy of which was given to all participants.