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GLAP IX: Hiking for Climate 24-29.07.20

The land beyond invites you to the 9th GLAP annual conference: Hiking for Climate which will take place from the 24th to the 29th of July 2020.

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Living in the 21st century, one has to come in terms with the place that the world has become. Environmental abuse has to stop, and environmental crimes have to be punished. As is with everything, spreading awareness is one of the most important ways to do so and save our planet. We, in the land beyond, have decided to be part of this change by bringing people together in an effort to create strong communities who will stand in the forefront in the battle against climate change. A collective but also individual battle that includes adjustment and adaption to a more environment-friendly every-day life. We are all accountable for what happens in the future so let’s take this step together.

Hiking for Climate is a 5-day conference which will take place between 24-29 July 2020. We invite you to travel to Greece this summer and explore one of the hidden mountainous treasures of Europe. The event is organised and run by the land beyond and will include informative sessions on environmental issues and institutional change combined with an interactive workshop on sustainable living and presentations on the leading roles of civil society organisations. Hiking opportunities in the surrounding area of Zagori are also included in the schedule.


Full program


Friday, 24/07

Arrival, Registration & welcoming session

Saturday, 25/07

Small hiking walk (optional)

Presentations: Climate Governance: from global to local

Specialists and speakers will unravel views on:

  • Who governs the Climate? 
  • What is the impact of Climate Change on Social Security?
  • Climate Refugee Stories. 
  • EU Green Deal: just a Game or a Game Changer?
  • The new Environmental Amendment in Greece and the impact on NBSs, Governance in the North Pindos National Park.

Sunday, 26/07

Small hiking walk (optional)

Presentations: Earth Talks – People’s power

Individual actors on the ground who have made changes in their community will talk about:

  • Innovative cleaning plastics ideas in their community, creating something from nothing
  • Moving from local activism in Ghana to high-end Global Climate Fora internationally and being a Youth Climate Ambassador


Monday, 27/07

Presentations: The leading role of CSOs (civil society organisations) in Climate Action.

CSO representatives explain the strength of people when they're united

Rafting in the afternoon.


Tuesday, 28/07

Vikos Gorge crossing (optional)

Formal closing ceremony in the land beyond.


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