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An invitation to write and contribute. Topic: LIFE BEYOND CORONA.

We invite you to contribute your own article on the topic that we have initiated: LIFE BEYOND CORONA.

YOU are free to choose the length of your article as well as the deadline. No one is rushing you! You can also choose if you’d like to include your name or not.

WE will provide you with the platform to publish your article and share it online so that it reaches everyone in our land beyond community.

ATTENTION! The article will be published first on our website in the subsection Interesting Articles of the section News and then you are free to share it wherever you want with the kind request to reference the source.

The process is simple. Send us your article at with a picture that you would want included and your name if you decide to sign the article and within the next days we will upload on our website.

The publication will be part of the mini campaign which has been going on on our Instagram profile with the hashtag #landbeyond_corona. You are also inclined to use that hashtag when sharing the article. Follow us on Instagram to observe the progress of the campaign.

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