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A visitation of names: Language, art and translation. By Yorgos Kedrotis

Academic translator and professor at Ionian University, George Kentrotis was invited by the Land Beyond to host a four-day seminar between the 16th to the 20th of August 2019.

Professor Kentrotis talked about the source and origins of language and knowledge; the logical (semasiological) and lexical (semiological) semantics of language; the linguistic as well as lingual differences; the role and effectiveness of translation. He also mentioned the era of Antiquity, the New Testament and the myth of the Tower of Babel developing important links between these eras of human history and the use as well as illustration of speech.

The seminar included short hiking walks in order to explore Zagori and the region as well as to enhance the participants’ inspiration and provide them with ways to develop their imagination.

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