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GLAP I: The Right to the Village, 05-07.08.2012

“Right to the Village”

In the meeting under the coordination of the greek NGO European Expression (Evropaiki Ekfrasi) participated 50 people representing NGOs and cultural clubs of almost every Balkan country. The meeting aimed at cooperation among organizations, exchange of know how and good practices, enrichment of public dialogue and joint action on local development issues based on voluntarism and citizen society values.

On Saturday 7th of July at 20.30 a Balkan fiesta was held by the Net “Right to the village” at Kapesovo. Balkan dishes were offered and photo exposition as well as documentary films were projected.

The whole team “Right to the village” went down the stairs of Vitsa (scala of Vitsa) to Vikos gorge, at Missio’s bridge, on foot to Koukouli combining mental awareness with physical workout in a unique activity named Vikou monopatia (Vikos paths) in the land beyond.

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