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Vikos Paths, The Land beyond, Preparing a creative triathlon, 17 - 19 November 2017

Every year the season for making tsipouro (local spirit) in the village is a festive one.  A great celebration has been organized by the local youth club in Vitsa, central Zagori.

For the land beyond guests this celebration was merely the motive. The whole activity was planned in order to have a brainstorming session for a creative triathlon organization as a future project.

Early morning hiking, jogging and mountain biking, a mushroom workshop in situ by the specialist Vassily Katsoupas, owner of the famous “Kanela and Garyfallo” restaurant in Vitsa, Zagori culinary masterpieces and the magnificent autumn nature in fine weather drew the lines of the activity.

The Land Beyond community is growing, counting already fanatic friends among its members!

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