The land beyond is located in the traditional settlement of Ano Vitsa, Zagori, Epirus, near Monodendri, in altitude of 1.030m, in the heart of the National Park of Northern Pindos.

Four independent guest rooms with loggia (chagiati) are available, each with unique identity, private bathroom and toilet, bed linen and towels, central heating, cable internet access (no landline), bright windows and sufficient wooden cupboards made of robolo to be used as a bookcase as well.

There is embottled ZAGORI water; it also exists a system of recycling rain water through the roof tubes to be used in toilets and showers. Five outdoor spaces are also available, (Tymphi Ι και ΙΙ yards, mule path, main yard, epekeina hora yard). Smoking is prohibited in all indoor spaces. The «Dyo Sternes» (57sqm) room is a main room for breakfast and coffee breaks, central heating, energy fireplace, full lighting coverage, wi-fi and internet access, six windows for natural day light and a kitchenette (small fridge, sink, cooking and coffee machines). A special room - Salla for breakfast & coffee (20 sqm.), two WC with shower (for men and women) and two cisterns. It is named after the unique phenomenon of having two cisterns in the same house, built in 1876 and fully restored in 2016 by the Giannis family, who is the original owners. In the land beyond we continue the tradition of knowledge, culture and voluntary commitment to a better world, in a unique peaceful setting, in a stone house with a modern structure and means. The two cisterns and the whole estate are open to visitors.

Guestrooms use

The rooms are available all working days and weekends.

1. Donors “4 seasons” have the right to stay (2 adults and 1 child up to 10 years old), provided that there is no activity running in the land beyond, for 2 nights every year (WRITTEN IN STONE), for 3 nights every year for three years (FLOWING WATER) and for 4 nights every year for 5 years (ETERNAL FOREST); for the latter category, the whole complex is available once, meaning also the two more guest rooms and the ‘Dyo Sternes” and Salla rooms. For more info on donations click on this Link /en/donations

2. Independent Donors are welcome to stay in land beyond
Full breakfast is not included; coffee (Filter, Greek, Nespresso) or tea, with milk and sugar are available, as well as all necessary infrastructure and equipment to produce breakfast. Full breakfast can be provided upon request.

The following lower donation rates apply:

  • Extra days for "four seasons" donors
  • For more than 5 days of independent donors
  • Natural or legal persons carrying out activities in the venue “Dyo Sternes”. More for Dyo Sternes granting:

3.For students, researchers, professors, writers and artists who perform specific work (not training) for at least 15 days:
The rooms are kindly offered by Nicos D. GIANNIS and the profit made by granting it, is donated to the non-for-profit o rganization the land beyond in order to achieve its objectives (Ioannina Court of First Instance: 14/07-06-2013, tax id no: 997298726).

The infrastructure, facilities, functions and activities in the land beyond, are ruled by the principles of economy and simplicity, rational use of natural resources and recycling of materials, self and maximize physical movement, reduce of car use, self-respect and respect for others. We leave the space as we found it and as we would like to find it as downstream users. Guests in the land beyond are informed, know and follow the Rules of the land beyond. Read the rules by clicking here

Access to Vitsa
Directions to Ioannina. The driving distance from Athens is 420 km., 5h, through the Rio- Antirio bridge. Via Lamia, Metsovo 454Km, 5h. Due to the highways, the travel time will soon be 3h 30’! The distance from Thessaloniki is 261 km, 3h, through Egnatia. The port of Igoumenitsa is, 78 km away, 50’ from Ioannina, Parga, 102Km, 1h20' and Patras, 226Km, 3h. There are daily flights to and from Athens, as well as regular intercity buses.

Directions from Ioannina to Vitsa, 36km. Driving from Ioannina to the north on the national road Ioannina - Konitsa, we meet the junction to Zagori right after Metamorfossi and follow the signs to Vitsa. King Pyrros (Ioannina) Airport is 25’ from Vitsa, 31,8Km. Aktio International Airport is at 90’.

Information and reservations,
(+30) 210 3643224 (working days 08.30 - 14.30)

The Land Beyond is about a creative idea, land, time, kairos, a spirit, an attitude. It means the land beyond the mountains (the Zagori mountains) in Epirus, Greece, a land of generosity, exaltation, inspiration, learning. “Beyond” (epekeina, επέκεινα) is the prerequisite or even the unknown, something broader than knowledge or experience. Top down certainties divide people, diversity unites them. The Land Beyond ( is a civil society organization since 2010 under Greek law, undertaking its activities in Vitsa and combining mental, physical and interactive exercise. Vitsa is a traditional settlement with unique, historical cultural and ecological interest at the heart of the National Park of Northern Pindos –the biggest national park in Greece. We are interested in (1) liberty (2) sharing (3) one world. Ecumenical values, mutual understanding, pluralism, liberties, participation, conflict prevention and resolution, federalism, open society, volunteering, peace, biodiversity. Think more, live more, try more. The six types of activities are: (1) Vikos Crossing, (2) Vikos Paths, (3) Vitsa Arguments, (4) Tymphi Hiking, (5) Winter Encounters, (6) Art & Literature Land Beyond.