The keys of the land beyond.
Each guest receives a key chain that has the key of the main entrance of the land beyond, the room’s key and the key to enter the ​​"Two Sternes" from the loggia of the rooms next to the cellar’s stairs. A duplicate of the keys is only available to the administration of the land beyond. The venue "Two Sternes" during the night remains locked unless in use. For any damage or loss of any object, the guest is fully responsible and in any case must inform the person in charge in the land beyond. The guest delivers the key chain before leaving the property, or as otherwise agreed.

"Two Sternes” venue.
The opening of the two cisterns is strictly prohibited.
The central heating is regulated by residents in a spirit of economy.
The use of energy fireplace is welcome, but only if the guest is properly aware of the use.
The lighting of the roof of the venue remains on during the night.
Land phone line does not exist. There is cable internet access and Wi-Fi. The name of the network (login) and the password are available inside the venue "Two Sternes'.
There is a kitchen and two shared toilets.

Guest rooms the land beyond
The hospitality takes place in a traditional Zagori home, in the land beyond.
The accommodation includes a separate bedroom with bathroom, the venue "Two Sternes' and the Salla room.
Hospitality is provided for two persons and a child under 10 years. If more children, or older than 10 years, a specific arrangement is required. The hospitality is personal and cannot be transferred.
If both members of a family are Seasons & Elements of the same nature of the land beyond, the hospitality days double or multiply respectively. Hospitality cannot be provided
during the period of activities in the land beyond.
In agreeing a hosting period you need to give notice at least twenty (20) days prior to hosting.
Bed linen and towels are available.
Full breakfast is not included, but coffee is available (Filter, Greek, Nespresso) or tea with milk and sugar and all necessary infrastructure and equipment is available for guests to prepare their own breakfast. Full breakfast can be provided upon request.
There is cable Internet connection in all guestrooms.
The infrastructure, facilities, functions and activities in the land beyond, are inspired by the principles of economy, rational & sustainable use of natural resources, self-service, maximizing drive away, self-respect and respect for others. We leave the area as we found it and as we would like to find it if we were next to settle.
Guests, seasons & elements or independent donors - residents in the land beyond are aware, know and follow the Rules of the land beyond.